Thursday, April 28, 2016

RPG Night with Cliff - April 27 Update

Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Mask of the Pirate Queen

If you are planning to play this adventure you may wish to avoid reading these reports as they will contain spoilers.

Characters in attendance:
(Names and descriptions are my own from memory, I don't have the sheets with me)
  • Heb: Jawa Engineer
  • Dak Jizz: Human Scoundrel
  • QT-69: Droid
  • A.C.E.: Droid Pilot
  • TBA-77: Droid Medical and Pacifist / Assassin Droid
  • Lewie: Wookie
  • Macro: Close Combat Droid
  • Deltron3030: Rodian Sniper
  • Bob & Dug: The Dug mercs
  • Jak Spectro: Human engineer
  • Wrist: Trandoshan
  • Shaga'thorn: Twi'lek
  • Pash: Falleen Smuggler
  • BaelenBounty Hunter
  • Mayko: Human Tech

This week's update was written by Philip Fenez the player of Heb.  You can visit his own blog here it is a great site if you are interested in farming, and wonderful fresh veggies.

With the swish of the hatch opening, Heb pushed himself as tight to the side of the docking tube as he could. Which was not enough to stop getting a few hits and causing him to cry out "Medic".
Thus started the shooting, the ship we were boarding had the lights off do to many ion blasts by the consortium ships. As the group lined up to push there way onto the Bloody Tiger they all in turn managed to make there way in and to shoot many enemy pirates. That is except for ACE who needed to get his delivery scooter, Wirst who felt he would be better off assisting people by chucking them through the antigravity environment of the docking tube and Pasch who was thrown into the side of the tube, but eventually made it.
After many many blisters were shot, shouts of mine and the lights finally were stabilized by everyone's favourite hacker Heb, it was time for ACE to make his entrance. (ACE has a programming flaw based on the person he was made to replace, that flaw is that he needs to fly with flare.)  Seeing the entrance to the ship crowded it only made sense to ACE to do a barrel role through the loading tube and manage to drive upside down over the boarding party, and he succeeded much to the relief of his ship mates.

Being blood thirsty mercenaries the group quickly located more pirates to shoot at.  They had the good fortune to come across a group of 4 that were suited up in space suits caring a large box.  After quickly dispatching these cowards the group was happy to discover there were 10000 credits inside. Macro took them back to the IS1.

Lewy the woke discovered an empty board room, he was not at his best as he was missing patches of fur from the previous encounter and was wearing a cone to prevent licking.  At least that is what TBA 77 told him it was for.

ACE drove up the stairs to discover a locked door, which Mako had a good long look at prior to actually managing to unlock. Meanwhile Doug the Dugg, decided to take the elevator to the next level by himself, muttering "mine they're all going to be mine". This caused a lot of snarling and swearing by Buggy Bob and Deltron 3030 (not an android), as they made it to the elevator door just as it closed.  Heb had found a control panel and was working hard at trying to break in, he was meeting with unusual resistance.

AT this same time 3 pirates came up from the hold via a ladder that had been quickly looked down.  They were soon taken out by Jek, Lewy, Pasch, Wirst or TBA, it was hard to tell with all the blaster fire.  Ironically they had come up right in front of Macro as he was sending the crate of credits to the IS1, but he was not quick enough to do anything but watch as others claimed the kills.

The 3 shooting fools Deltron 3030 (not a droid), Buggy Bob and Doug were fighting off pirates at the elevator doors when Mako finally opened the doors and ACE started to fly in. Just then the ship was hit with a wave of ion cannons that knocked out the gravity on the ship.  This caused ACEs usual erratic flying to become more of an arial ballet and prevented him from slamming into the wall.
The pirate made a ship wide announcement offer to pay the group greatly to stop and how impressed she was by their tenacity. There was overall silence from the group except for a couple of the droids saying they thought it was a good deal.

Heb manages to wrestle control of the computers attempting to shut down the hyperdrive and alerting the consortium to stop firing as they had control of the ships computer system. macro decided to descend into the hold to see if their were any others pirates down below. He made his way into engine room and convinced the engineers their that he was not a threat but an ally,  enough that they just kept working. Mako made his way down to help Macro.  Jek made his way over to Heb to provide assistance.

The battle on the command deck was going well for our mighty fighters when ACE spotted the pirate queen. He came up with the plan to drive through the window right by the pirate queen hopping to have her get sucked out.  Luckily Doug decided to try and hitch a ride to get past some pirates and get to the queen. This stopped ACE from succeeding and placed Doug in the perfect spot to shoot the Queen, which he did beautifully, twice.  Of course then The Pirate Queen shows why she is the head of this organization. She walks over to Doug, Yes she has magnetic boots on allowing her to move in zero gravity. She proceeds to slash him with her sabre, twice. While she has been so engaged, Deltron 3030 has taken careful aim and does what he is best at......stealing the kill.

Our (anti)heroes are meeting with V----- who hired them to do the job.  She has actually offered to double their pay! She has one last task for them to kill the traitor in the organization.  She points the finger at Porell, he in turn points the finger at her.  Macro deduces that he is lying and kills Porell, and he was actually correct. We see the group fly off in their new ship that they have decided to fix up on there own, and keep the 20 000 credits each they earned.

Watch for future episodes as our rogues raise havoc in other parts of the universe in there new ship IS2

Starting Next Thursday, we will be playing Numenera.

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