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RPG Night with Cliff #6 - Numenera (July 7th, 2016)

RPG Night with Cliff

Cypher System - Numenera -
Devil's Spine Session #6
Thanks again to Phillip for doing the game write up
Warning this post will contain spoilers for the Devil Spine
Delpax 60 40 (Martin) a Mystical Nano who controls gravity.
Chuck the Younger (Tim) is a Weird Nano who rides the lightning.
Dandy Dan (Phillip) is a Forceful Jack who fights with panache.
Dan Maanlie (Caleb) is a Rugged Glaive who performs feats of strength.
Woodchuck (Mark) is a Clumsy Glaive who works miracles.
Finnetti Del Ray (Lex) is a Clever Nani who talks to machines.
Remi (Gracie) is a Empathic Glaive that controls beasts.
Cosner (Kevin) is a Mutant Jack who explores the deep
Von Bossman (braden) is a tough Glaive who fuses flesh and steel
J0e (Details to follow)
Franzglik (Scott) is a Strong-Willed Jack who focuses mind over matter
Stenson (Kyle) is a Charming Nano who crafts unique Objects
Arenil Teross (Andrew) is a clever Nano who fuse flesh and steel
Dag Kastloff, (Mike) a craven Jack who Murders

Shaiesa (NPC) is a Reliable Glaive who bares a Halo of Fire
When last we saw our heroes......
Dandy Dan had just sliced himself by walking into some thin metal wires that were laid by the metallic spiders that were attacking him and Arnel.   Most of the party came to help either by falling from the ropes they were trying to climb down to the train cars or actually climbing down (not many went for this option).

Franz having lowered himself onto the middle train car opened the roof hatch, entered and proceeded to try and take apart the car looking for Numenera. Once the spiders were defeated most of the group proceeded up to the train cars.  Dandy Dan using his magnetic boots climbed up to a platform above where they had entered. Seeing a lever he pulled it causing the clamp holding the middle car to release, luckily he had on magnetic boots as when a flock (group?) of bats flew out they knocked him off the platform. Something that Fennetti had discovered would happen with a lever that Dag (not Dang) had discovered when he was cowering away from the fight with the spiders.

Dan "the Man" Manli having unsuccessfully trying to carry Arnel up to the train car dropped him and proceeded to pick up a pile of debris over a hatch that Dag had discovered. Meanwhile Delpax 6040 (not a robot) had cleaned the second train car and Cosnor had sharpened his Harpoon to the point of it being able to shave anyone wanting to be shaved with a harpoon.   Sir Woodchuck kicked at the clamp on the last car, nobody is really sure why but maybe it had an effect.

Dag  opened the hatch and found a third lever in a hole in the ground.  Franz climbed down the ladder and immediately tried to take Numenera from a panel he found. As he electrocuted himself Chuck the younger joined him in the hole.  Just as Franz pulled the lever that released the third clamp (or was it woodchucks kick?) Delpax hovered down the ladder into the hole and caused it and himself to fall onto some spider webs., slicing him and the ladder. Franz now had a nice metallic stick to keep and the group in the hole needed to use a rope to get out.

Luckily Dan Manli had a roped tied around him and it was dangling into the hole. Unluckily he had convinced Von to wrestle with him after unsuccessfully trying to get Dag to wrestle. Luckily the group in the hole did not have to take the rope that was swinging and swaying from the wrestling as Cosnor had lowered another one.  Dag seeing his opportunity (and never actually taking on anyone face on) tackled Dan Manli. Strangely while this was happening, the lights in the middle car were flickering like a strobe light and there was music from a 70's porn playing.  Sir Woodchuck jump edge down to seperate  all 3 and get them to focus on the task that actually needed to be done.

When everyone was finally on board the train Fennetti remotely moved the lever causing the train to take off at high speed.

Chuck the younger was sad to still not have used his grenade and some how Remi managed to get Alphonse down with out any incident, a feat considering this was a plains creature that needed to be lowered by ropes.

After an hour of riding the group is startled by a loud noise from the top of the train........

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