Sunday, April 17, 2016

RPG Night with Cliff - April 13th Update

Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Mask of the Pirate Queen
If you are planning to play this adventure you may wish to avoid reading these reports as they will contain spoilers.

Characters in attendance:
(Names and descriptions are my own from memory, I don't have the sheets with me)
  • Heb: Jawa Engineer
  • Dak Jizz: Human Scoundrel
  • QT-69: Droid
  • A.C.E.: Droid Pilot
  • TBA-77: Droid Medical and Pacifist
  • Lewie: Wookie
  • Macro: Close Combat Droid
  • Deltron3030: Rodian Sniper
  • Bob & Dug: The Dug mercs
  • Jak Spectro: Human engineer
  • Wrist: Trandoshan
  • Shaga'thorn: Twi'lek
  • Pash: Falleen Smuggler
  • Belion: Bounty Hunter

At the end of our last session, the group had gotten what information they could from Travel and knew where to find the Queen base of operation on Wurlport.  After a brief discussion about the possibility of some kind of mole with the Consortium, they decided to go ahead and contact their planet contact Jander.  He wasn't thrilled that the professional that had been brought in felt the need to call him for advice.  But, he gave them a few suggestions. Basically, go to the offices of a company that does Environmental equipment maintenance company, steal some uniforms and a truck and try and sneak into the base under the guise of doing maintenance.

During the prep Jak did a quick diagnostic on TBA-77, something has been going wrong with his program and he isn't sure what it is.  He discovered that his original assination programming was trying to reassert itself over the newer pacifist programing.  The discovery also pushed the assianation protocol more to the for front for the time.

They arrived at the Ambrae Environmental, several of the group took up firing positions around that facility.  A couple of packs of Corellian Bloodhound prowled around the yard.  Pash, Macro, and Heb made their way to the security booth. Pash stepped up as the spokesperson for the group and convinced the guard that they were legitimately there to pick up the a truck to perform a planned work order.  A mixture of his charming demeanor and Falleen pheromones were enough to have the bored security guard eating out of his hand.  The guard tossed over the keys and they were on their way.  Of course, they didn't leave the yard before collecting some extra supplies from the nearby trucks.  While this was taking place there was also some discussion about the possibility of just gassing the whole base, even some talk of just blowing the whole thing up.  In the end, they decide to follow the plan and sneak and then try and gas the whole base from the inside.

With their new found (Ie stolen, like so many other vehicles in the groups past) they made their way to the entrance to the Queen's Palace on Wurlport.  They buzzed for access and a twi'lek security guard came out of the building.  Pash had little trouble convincing the guard that they had a scheduled check of the bases air filtration systems and that they were also supposed to be doing a variety of routine maintenance on the bases air systems.  (Thanks to a triumph result) it turned out that the guard was a big believer in the importance of routine maintenance and hurried them through a lot of the security.  Then after a long elevator rides down into the base they were led through a twisting series of turns and passage ways and the trail ended in a massive maintenance room.  TBA-77 stepped up behind him and put two blasts through the twi'lek's head and another one on his chest as his body slumped to the floor.

Heb went to work hacking the bases systems, it turned out that the system was based on flag counting and was a relatively easy computer to hack in to.  The problem with this was while it would be easy to hack into the more changes he made in the system the more likely he was to get noticed.  Jek starting working on the palaces air systems, he was in them pretty quickly and had a good read on how they were going to be working.  TBA-77 two competing protocols finally had a task that would on some levels along them to work together,  They worked together to mix several of the chemicals that they brought into the base in hopes of gassing out the queen and those who work .  His attempts were for naught and the mixture started to fog up the room, so it was hooked up to the air system and hoped for the best.

As a group they left the maintenance room and made their way to what they figured was where the queen was.  They arrived to find a massive party in full swing.  The Queen was standing up on a dais with a couple of other people talking.  Once inside the group the started to spread out in the room and one of the dugs was close enough to take the shot. the energy from his blast passed harmlessly through the hologram that was the queen. The music fell silent, the partiers moved to the edges of the room leaving most of the group in the room.  Basically, she was going to have the group killed because they had been to successful in causing her problems. To do this she called out for Savrip bodyguards, unlike the savage ones they had fought in the Scraplands these ones were armed, armored, and trained to fight.  

The battle was brutal and the party took considerable damage at the hands of the Savrips.  Several of them were even lamed during the fight.  The Queen's second in command took heavy sniper fire from Deltro3030 and was awfully disfigured and killed her.  Savrips swung their hammers around crushing anything they hit.  While the groups fired back and fought as hard as they could it was a savage battle that nearly resulted in several fatalities.  In the end, they were able to defeat them.  

As the battle ended Heb decided that enough was enough and after downloading as much of the data from the Queen's systems as he could he activated the base's self-destruct system.  


  1. That was a really fun fight that I didn't think we would win. I hope Heb left us enough time to loot the place on the way out.

  2. Heb is excited that the group is getting more cyborgs. Just need to add a few more droids and he can program ACE to crash safely onto Tatooine and provide all this great technology to the Clan. Then he will be able to be the ruler of the Clan as he should be.