Tuesday, April 12, 2016

D&D 5th Edition

We are currently running a 5th edition game at home.  The adventure is a continuation of our earlier 4th edition adventure.  We took the existing characters and converted them to 5th edition using the UA article and some of our own rules for what was missing.  To explain the changes in the characters we had each of the characters part ways and several years pass.  Basically pulling the whole Dragonlance idea that the party had gone to investigate rumours of a rising evil.  In the end, they forward a group of druids that informed them that an evil was rising on another world and that they would have to be transported to that world if they wanted to stop it.  Together they made the journey to the Forgotten Realms where they are now learning about this strange new world, dealing with the loss of the majority of their monies and the adventure itself.

This is written from the point of you of Gurd a Priest of Helm and a new PC who joined the group as a local resident of the Forgotten Realms and now acts as both a guide and their cleric.

Greetings and Salutations from Gurd Dankil a humble follower of Helm, long may his protection be on you.

While looking for a new place for our order to set up I came across a group of companions who are strange beings.   They had just finished an adventure in which they removed the undead from our glorious living world.  This impressed me that they would be a good group to connect with and perhaps they would be interested in joining the order. As I said they are a bit strange, they claim to be from another world where they claim to have ships that sail in the air but not with magic.

Shava is a monk who has some stunning reflexes.  She would make a great addition to the Order of the Gauntlet as she comes across as having strong morals.  I pray that Helm will guide me to show her the way into our group.
Soshauna is a ?  She is the glue to the group that keeps it on track

Qwarta is a drunkard who claims to be a Druid.  He is unlike any Druid I have ever met in that he claims to have lived on a flying ship all his life.  I don't understand his connection to nature but he seems to call upon the earth to do his bidding (which has helped us a few times).  Unfortunately his drunkenness leads him to make some poor choices when he uses his magic that sometimes harms those who are his allies.   I know that Helm will assist me in helping this poor sod to leave the bottle behind and become a good citizen.

Two Blade is a Golum type construct.   They referred to him as a machine, something I still have not quite understood.  He does not need to eat or drink, does not sleep and yet is somehow alive.  I still puzzle him out but he is handy in a fight and is also trying to stop the drunkard from ruining his life and the life of others.

I hope that this brief note finds the Order doing well and is continuing to spread out and defeat Evil wherever it is found.  I will send out another update about your humble servants adventures when I arrive back from this trip to secure some ancient dwarves books that are threatened or wherever we end up.

Gurd Dankil

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