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RPG Night with Cliff April 7th Update

Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Mask of the Pirate Queen
If you are planning to play this adventure you may wish to avoid reading these reports as they will contain spoilers.

Characters in attendance:
(Names and descriptions are my own from memory, I don't have the sheets with me)
  • Heb: Jawa Engineer
  • Dak Jizz: Human Scoundrel
  • QT-69: Droid
  • A.C.E.: Droid Pilot
  • TBA-77: Droid Medical and Pacifist
  • Lewie: Wookie
  • Macro: Close Combat Droid
  • Deltron3030: Rodian Sniper
  • Bob & Dug: The Dug mercs
  • Jak Spectro: Human engineer
  • Wrist: Trandoshan
  • Shaga'thorn: Twi'lek
  • Pash: Smuggler
  • Unknown Name: Bounty Hunter

After taking the package from Illo the group discussed their transportation options.  A.C.E. wanted to fly their despite the near suicidal flight conditions they would encounter.  They also discussed taking a planetary train as well as renting land speeders.  Both options were rejected because they would be to costly for the credit poor group.

The decided there best option would be to steal some vehicles to take them out into the Scraplands.  The closest option they found to the Scraplands was a garbage depot on the edge of Worlport.  There local garbage was collected and transferred to massive automated haulers that would take the refuse out into the wastes and dump it.

Deltron3030, Pash, and one of the dugs snuck into the compound after both Heb and Jak failed to hack in to their security systems. Acting as a lone wolf, Deltron3030 made his way in alone.  His over confidence in his stealth abilities were very apparent when he went straight up the middle and was spotted by the compounds security systems.  His clumsy efforts did distract the security from Pash and the Dug making the way clear for them.  (The joys of a failed Triumph roll) Pash and the dug were able to access their target vehicle with easy after deltron3030 failed efforts.

Outside the compound Heb, Lewie, and Macro headed for the Security gate in case more physical force was required. Heb went with them because he wanted another shot at the compound security systems.  TBA-77 and the other Dug took shot out the spot light that was lighting up the compounds yard and Deltron3030.  Jak Spectro distracted a pair of security guards with a bit of deception and them searching the wrong side of the yard for some children that had snuck inside.

Deltron3030 made good uses of the blaster fire and ran for his dump truck.  Pash and the dug were able to get the building sized garbage truck started up and switched over to manual control.  Heb's hacking skills got the second garbage truck up and running remotely.  The two massive vehicles made their way out of the compound and headed out in the scraplands with both standard cargo of Worlport garbage and the added cargo of the PCs.

Several hours in to the trip through the scrap land they were only a little off course when they head the sounds of slug throwers being fired as the crested a ridge of garbage.  A trio of Savrips were attacking a family of scavengers. The scavengers had taken refuge behind a massive pipe that climbed out of the ground for several meters. People on both vehicles opened fire on the savage Savrips.  Deltron and one of the Dugs double teamed and took out one of the Savrips. Macro opened fire with his light repeating blaster on the other damaging them both.  The scavengers were able to do enough damage with their slug throwers to take down one of the remaining two.  Then Pash clipped the last one with massive wheeled garbage truck.  Not to be out done A.C.E. decides to attempt to drift two story, garbage truck with wheels big enough to make a wookie feel short into the Savrip.  While the self proclaimed "Drift King" did pull off the move he intended he also clipped the pipe that was coming out of the ground.  It sent the whole truck in to a sideways tumble. The first roll crushed the remaining Savrip and sent those riding on the outside of the vehicle diving for their lives.  The truck came to a rest on its side just beyond the pipe.

The scavengers where thrilled by the rescue the group had provided and gave them a couple of rebreathers and a damaged light repeating blaster. They even provide directions to Rusty's Reach.  In exchange they got the first pick of not only a load of garbage from Wurlport but also a garbage truck.

The loaded Savrip Casino
Rusty's Reach turned out to be a quick stop over. The party arrived at the slavers compound where they exchanged the package for a data chip outside the walls. After that the turned around and headed back towards Worlport, along the way they decided to abandon the garbage truck in the scrapland and take the train back into town.

Back in town Illo played the group the audio file from the data chip, not knowing that they had already listened to it on the trip back.  It was a recorded conversation between the queen and one her aids explaining that she would kill him when she was finished with him.  He explained to them that the way to find the queen was to find her lover Micael Torval, and turn him on her.  As luck would have it Illo knew that Torval was going to be watching the fights tonight at the Loaded Savrip Casino.

The group found Micael Torval in a private box watching one of the fights, along side his bodyguard.  They tried to talk him into coming out so they could talk to him privately but the body guard was the one who answered the door.  He refused but the groups comments were enough to get Torval attention, who did reach out and opened the door.    Once the door was open there was some posturing between one of the Dugs and the bodyguard.  Perhaps to everyone's surprise blaster were not drawn on either side. They were able to talk Torval into stepping into the hall, but when Torval stepped towards the door he passed between the guard and dug.  His body guard took the opportunity to shot Torval in the back. It was pretty much his last action.  After that and hearing the recording played by the group Torval told them everything he knew about the Queen and where she was hiding and how to get in.

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