Thursday, June 16, 2016

RPG Night with Cliff #2 - June 2, 2016

RPG Night with Cliff
Cypher System - Numenera -
Devil's Spine Session #2
Thanks again to Phillip for doing the game write up

Warning this post will contain spoilers for the Devil Spine

Delpax 60 40 (Martin) a Mystical Nano who controls gravity.
Chuck the Younger (Tim) is a Weird Nano who rides the lightning.
Dandy Dan (Phillip) is a Forceful Jack who fights with panache.
Dan Maanlie (Caleb) is a Rugged Glaive who performs feats of strength.
Woodchuck (Mark) is a Clumsy Glaive who works miracles.
Finnetti Del Ray (Lex) is a Clever Nani who talks to machines.
Remi (Gracie) is a Empathic Glaive that controls beasts.
(Kevin) is a Mutant Nano who explores the deep

Shaiesa (NPC) is a Reliable Glaive who bares a Halo of Fire

Our group of adventurers found out that there friend Shaiesa, a tall thin woman with Flaming red hair and a lazy jade green eye, had been "helped" by a tall burly with short hair.  He was known to frequent the "Rusty pipe" and always seemed to be running errands.

Upon arriving at the Rusty Pipe we spread out to see if we could find the person matching the description we were given. Sir Woodchuck managed to fall through part of the floor but did not do himself or others much damage.  He did happen to talk to 2 guys one of who looked like our suspect.  They offered to show him where they took Shaiesa, he went with them, without alerting the rest of the group.  We were too busy looking to notice him leave, with exception of Remi and Alphonse her animal companion.

Remi is taken to a secluded spot where he is beaten up and drugged. Remi while being extremely stealthy was unable to help in the fight, bow strings always fail at just the right (or wrong) moment.  Remi decided to follow the culprits and sent Alphonse to get the rest of the group. In some weird way Alphonse ("what is that Alphonse woodchuck fell down the well again?") manages to convince the group to follow him back to where Sir Woodchuck was captured. Of course, Remi has moved on following the 2 thugs into a nicer part of town where they entered a 2 story house with a stable.  Somehow Alphonse was too confused to pick up Remis' trail but Cosner picked up the trail and led the group to the abode.

Upon Arriving Alphonse rushes up to Remi almost blowing her cover, but luckily for us, it was not blown.  A stable boy happens upon the group but Remi convinces him he needed to go back into the stable and did not see anything, which prevented unneeded blood shed.  We then snuck into house as the 2 thugs left.  We search the room, except for Cosner who upon hearing some man berating a servant on the other side of the door kicks the door open.  Having quickly shoved a couch in front of the door. We follow Cosner into the dining room.   Where we attack a pompous old bald man named Durrell.

We hear a loud  knock at the door..........and will find out next time what happens to our band of merry misfits.

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