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RPG Night with Cliff #3 - Numenera

RPG Night with Cliff
Cypher System - Numenera -
Devil's Spine Session #3
Thanks again to Phillip for doing the game write up
Warning this post will contain spoilers for the Devil Spine

Delpax 60 40 (Martin) a Mystical Nano who controls gravity.
Chuck the Younger (Tim) is a Weird Nano who rides the lightning.
Dandy Dan (Phillip) is a Forceful Jack who fights with panache.
Dan Maanlie (Caleb) is a Rugged Glaive who performs feats of strength.
Woodchuck (Mark) is a Clumsy Glaive who works miracles.
Finnetti Del Ray (Lex) is a Clever Nani who talks to machines.
Remi (Gracie) is a Empathic Glaive that controls beasts.
Cosner (Kevin) is a Mutant Jack who explores the deep
Von Bossman (Details to follow)
J0e (Details to follow)

Shaiesa (NPC) is a Reliable Glaive who bares a Halo of Fire

When last we left our band of merry adventurers there was a knock at the door........

Cosner, Dan Manlie, Remi, J0e and Von Bossman went into the sitting room to answer the door. Leaving Chuck the younger and Dandy Dan with Durrell to continue on with the interrogation, if they ever start to ask questions.

Cosner answered the door as if he were the butler.  On the other side of the door was a floating lady with a headdress and 2 body guards.  She asked for the Baron and claimed to be his betrothed by the name of Isaltha.  Quick thinking Cosner replied "He's Dead", hope this would deter her.  Unfortunately this simply encouraged her to think that she now owned the house.  Cosner managed to convince her that she should go up to the bedroom to rest and led her that way.

Isaltha demanded to the other "servants" that they bring her luggage.   Dan Manlie wanting to show off his strength attempted to carry all the luggage by himself.  The awkwardness of the many pieces resulted in him dropping them as he tripped coming back into the house.  The lady Isaltha was so infuriated that she demanded that he be whipped.   Van Bossman led Dan Manlie out side to an area where he would punish him. When they got to the pipe he would be Whipped at Dan Manlie had a smoke while Van Bossman went to the window of the dining room to get some blood to smear on Dan from the roughly handled Durrell.

Remi had taken up a position in front of the dining room door, while J0e proceeded to clean up the luggage and help bring it upstairs.  Upstairs Cosner led Althia and her bodyguard to a room that he hoped was the master bedroom, unfortunately it was locked.  The Burly bodyguard tried the door and managed to accidentally break the lock, opening the door to a strange looking bedroom.  Cosner left them and the body guard took position in front of the door. J0e came up with the luggage and stood in the room observing Isaltha as he waited for instructions. She seemed to be wandering the room saying circle-green-water.  He then left to get supper ready for her.

Having finally started to ask questions Dandy Dan found out that Durrell was not the Baron but rather the chief steward, that the Baron was gone about raising money for the amber post crusades.   He also found out that Sir Woodchuck had been thrown into a hole in the library floor.  Chuck the younger then went to the library and had Remi, Von Bossman and a bloody Dan Manlie join him. Van Bossman used his cypher to see what had happened in the room earlier.  They saw Sir woodchuck be tossed into a hole in the floor and the Baron seem to go to the back wall and suddenly the hole disappeared.  The 4 of them proceeded to search for the switch.   Dan Manlie decided he would do this. By throwing the books off the shelves, he then noticed he was being watched from above by Isaltha and her 2 body guards.  He then piled the books up and tried to look like he was wiping the shelves to clean them.   Unfortunately, none of the 4 could find how the floor was activated after many attempts.  As Remi, Chuck and Van were standing in the middle of the library scratching their heads in frustration the floor underneath them disappeared.  As they fell 30 ft down, they noticed that Isaltha had done something on the wall of the second floor.

The screams of the falling were heard by J0e and Dandy Dan, who informed the harpoon enthralled Cosner. Dandy Dan took the keys from Durrell, locked the door to the dining room and followed J0e to the library while Cosner ran up the stairs.  Dan Manlie looked into the pit spotted Shaiesa, and Sir Woodchuck, as well as 3 zombie like guardians.  He made sure to yell this fact and for some strange reason continued to yell Woodchuck over and over.  Cosner let out a sonic scream at Isaltha and her bodyguards, deafening one of them.  mean while in the pit our 3 fallen heroes fought with the guardians and tried not to be infected guy the egg like things that kept shooting out some kind of bug.  Van Bossman was bitten but continued to fight on.  Manlie jumped into the hole swinging his axe at one of the guardians who also had an axe. Cosner used his harpoon as bar to push Isaltha and her guards into the hole and fell with them.  This seems to have finally help waken Sir Woodchuck who quickly jumped into the fight. Dandy Dan seeing no reason to get dirty and not having a ranged weapon searched the library finding 20 shins. The rest of the group made short work of the guardians, the body guards were consumed by the egg/insect creatures and Isaltha ran out the exit and was last heard Screaming as she ran out the door.

Our friend Shaiesa was unconscious on the floor as a tall stone form of a woman came into the room bleeding some kind of blue substance..........

Until next week.

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  1. Awesome! Except Cosnor (I) is a mutant Jack not a Nano. But maybe I can become duel class!!!