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RPG Night with Cliff #4 - Numenera (June 23rd, 2016)

RPG Night with Cliff

Cypher System - Numenera -
Devil's Spine Session #4
Thanks again to Phillip for doing the game write up
Warning this post will contain spoilers for the Devil Spine

Delpax 60 40 (Martin) a Mystical Nano who controls gravity.
Chuck the Younger (Tim) is a Weird Nano who rides the lightning.
Dandy Dan (Phillip) is a Forceful Jack who fights with panache.
Dan Maanlie (Caleb) is a Rugged Glaive who performs feats of strength.
Woodchuck (Mark) is a Clumsy Glaive who works miracles.
Finnetti Del Ray (Lex) is a Clever Nani who talks to machines.
Remi (Gracie) is a Empathic Glaive that controls beasts.
Cosner (Kevin) is a Mutant Jack who explores the deep
Von Bossman (Details to follow)
J0e (Details to follow)
Shaiesa (NPC) is a Reliable Glaive who bares a Halo of Fire

As the statue approaches our group of heroes hears static and can almost hear a voice.  Franz Glick does make out the voice of Lily. She is the guardian of the Nagaina, she says that Devaula could help those that are infected, and leads the group down a hallway.  Except for Dandy Dan, who seeing his friends fighting off the things from the eggs chose to not get his fine clothes dirty and so started to search around house.   Looking for a way to find his friends some other way and anything else that may be of value as compensation for their time and troubles.

The tunnel leads to an ancient complex.  There is a glow from the lichens and sporadic glow lamps.  A minor skirmish down one of the tunnels occurs when they are attacked by a herd of lizards.  They come to an area where the bridges they are crossing look as if they can be turned to shift to different buildings.   Our heroes spot an electrical panel that they strip for any ciphers they may be able to get. Upon successfully finding 5 ciphers Van proceeds to detonate one that then destroys the rest.

After travelling for 4 hours Lily says they are pretty close, then the bridge they are crossing gives way. All but Franz fall, Lily shatters as they land 30 feet below on another bridge that also gives way. Cosner is pinned against the bridge and a 12 sided peice of metal is seen amongst the debris that was Lily. The Static that was being heard has stopped, when Chuck picks up the metal object he clearly hears Lily.  After helping Cosner become unpinned and much running up and down different stair wells by Franz in an attempt to get back with the group they move on.   Lily leads them to a large cylinder that sounds like the throbbing of a generator and has moist hot air. They enter the laboratory to find a 70foot tall worm that has tools in and as its tendrils.

"Why are you here?" Is what we hear as we leave our friends for another week.

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